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Our Services

Our Services

Computer Technical Support

TCleanSoft provides a comprehensive range of technical support services for a wide range of computer and software-related problems. Our services encompass:

Problem Diagnosis and Repair

We provide complete diagnostic and repair services for your personal computer, laptop, notebook or tablet, and over 500 software applications. Our experienced tech experts will diagnose and fix a wide range of software issues on your PC or server to ensure effective performance. Get prompt and reliable tech support for identifying and diagnosing issues that are causing your computer to crash frequently. Our technicians are also well-knowledgeable to fix compatibility issues and conflicts with software applications running on your PC. Through logical troubleshooting methodology, we can help eliminate problem from the root and prevent its recurrence.

Software Setup and Installation

Incorrect and erroneous installation can cause damage to the computer and connected devices. TCleanSoft’s expert tech professionals can assist you in software setup and installation, ensuring smooth and effective performance. Whether you need to install software or configure applications, our comprehensive tech support services have you covered. We can customize software settings based on your preferences. Our technicians will also conduct a pre-installation check to ensure that your computer is compatible to other software. Looking to install a new Operating System? We can help migrating the data and settings from existing OS to the new one.

Virus Removal

Stay protected from harmful viruses and malware; call TCleanSoft today. Our tech experts have vast experience eliminating the threats from your PC by optimizing security software and removing viruses and spyware. Our technicians will install and configure the best antivirus program on your computer to provide comprehensive protection against threats and malware. We can schedule regular virus scans of your computer to automatically remove threats, so that you are always safe. We also provide enhanced protection against hacking and phishing.


Get expert help for your home network; call us toll-free now. We can install home router and configure the settings for internet and shared access across multiple computers. Whether you need assistance for Internet access or customize browser settings, our tech experts are available Business hours 08:00-18:00 EST Monday-Friday to help you. We can also help in troubleshooting a wide range of network connectivity issues.

Call TCleanSoft at +1-855-452-5530 for instant tech support – anytime, anywhere.