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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned herewith state the requirements on your use of TCleanSoft’s website, your relationship with TCleanSoft and our computer support service. Read the terms and conditions carefully, which provides instructions and information about our services, limitations of liability, settlement of disputes, privacy policy, and our rights to change the conditions. Your use of TCleanSoft’s services implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

1. Services – Services may include Per-Incident-Services, available on the single incident basis for a fee; or Subscription-Based-Services, entitled to more than one service over a period of time.

2. Agreement – The terms and conditions, in addition to the accepted service plan order submitted by you and any other terms mentioned in your plan, and the privacy policy states the Agreement between you and TCleanSoft. The plan forms a part of the Agreement only if it has been acknowledged by us via email or in writing. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions to be eligible to use our website.

3. Support Software Tool and Access – During the session of the service, TCleanSoft may ask you to install certain support software on your computer by downloading the same from the website and/or ask for your permission to access and take control of your computer under your supervision. We may also gather data and modify the system settings to diagnose and repair a problem; leverage third party software on your computer, which will be removed upon completion of service session.

4. Commercially Reasonable Effort – TCleanSoft will make every reasonable effort to fix or troubleshoot your home computer problems. If we are unable to resolve your computer problem, you will NOT be liable for any charges unless specified otherwise.

5. Privacy Policy – The Privacy Policy states how TCleanSoft collects, uses, and discloses personal and other information in relation to user support services we provide to our customers. We collect information that is provided by YOU only. We will use your personally identifiable information only to contact you or for providing services for anything inquired by you. If you register for our services, we may collect credit card and other payment information. We may use third party payment processing, payment gateways, and verify your credit card details on your behalf.

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